About us

GMS Global Metallurgical Solutions.

About us

GMS was born from the merging of two technological experiences:


The two companies have been in cooperation for many years in the design and manufacture of foundry plants, specially regarding construction of induction melting and pouring furnaces as well as continuous and semi-continuous casting plants for non-ferrous alloys. Together and individually, have designed, manufactured, installed and started several plants around the world, both for non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

GMS also acquired the brand and the know-how of Calamari SPA

GMS Global Metallurgical Solutions is member of Engitec Group.


Considers its customers the main company resource and therefore bases its mission following some simple principles: 

  • Willingness to face new problems and study appropriate solutions. 
  • High quality solutions and specialized technical personnel. 
  • Transparent business relationships and clear technical solutions.
  • Timeliness in the assistance and in the development of projects.