GMS Global Metallurgical Solutions.


GMS has its own technological roots in Calamari S.p.A., founded in 1994, specialized in the manufacturing of induction furnaces for both ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys as well as continuous casting plants for non ferrous metal alloys, applied to the production of billets, tubes, strips and wires by the use of horizontal and vertical continuous and semi-continuous casting technology.

GMS, company of ENGITEC Group, was born from the merging of two companies: ATECO IMPIANTI (vertical semi-continuous technology) and PROMES (induction furnace design and manufacturing) as well as from the acquisition of Calamari's brand and know-how.

GMS, thanks to its technology and the expertise of its technical staff, designs and manufactures both single machines as well as full plants for foundries, for the production of semi-finished products, both for ferrous and non-ferrous alloy.

Through its ongoing research, GMS has developed new products that optimize the customer's production process, quality and repeatability of the final product, as well as increasing safety for operators, reducing the general power consumption and contributing to the preservation of the environment.



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