The pioneer technology was based on the production of several continuous cast bars in parallel and then cut-to-length with special rotary sow.

During the 90s appeared on the market a new equipment where the continuous cast bar was produced in continuous closed mold based on wheel and belt technology and the cutting action was exercised with a mechanical rotary shear. The dimensions of such wheels exceeding 4,000 mm of diameter and the complication of handling a cast bar solidified in circular mold have limited the welcome of such technology by the market.

The chain molds (caterpillar type) closed by steel belt, inspired to Hazelett and Mitsubishi was introduced on the market in in the early 2000s. Since that time, various edition of caterpillar have been presented on the market but the short life of the copper blocks and the correct sealing between copper blocks and chain still remain open and partially not solved.

As always happens, humble and attentive attitude towards Users opinion (the true propeller of any development) and creativity allow to capitalize the experiences creating simple solutions to overcome the problems.

The new WET & DRY Ingot Casting Line (PATENT PENDING), designed by GMS has been conceived for making available to Ingot Producers a simple, sturdy and heavy duty machine tailored for severe operation in foundry environment and respondent to Industry 4.0 concepts.

The sketch here below represents the WET & DRY Ingot Casting Line (PATENT PENDING).