Aim of Continuous Casting Process (CCP) is the transforming of liquid ferrous or non-ferrous metals hold in a furnace, into a proper solid shaped configurations, after suitable cooling, during casting process.

Casting is continuously operated providing a proper feeding of holding furnace as well as correct handling of solidified metal bars or wires.

CCP can be basically divided into two main principal manufacturing process:

  • Continuous casting as long term campaign
  • Semi-continuous casting as short term campaign precisely defined in quantity and duration. (SCCP)

Type of metals suitable to be processed through CCP are the following:

  • Ferrous alloys as iron and cast iron alloys
  • Copper alloys
  • Precious metals

CCP plants are generally divided in vertical (CCV) or horizontal (CCO)  type of casting plants.

Also SCCP are considered to be divided into two branches: horizontal plants (SCCO) and vertical down-casting plants (SCCV).

Horizontal and vertical continuous casting plants are always equipped with graphite die, fitted into the coolers, where metal solidification is operated. Vertical semi-continuous down-casting plants are usually fitted with metal dies specially internally lined for suitable metal solidification, except for some particular alloys. Several different technologies have been developed for continuous casting plants.

GMS made the following technological choice:

  • Horizontal casting technology for: strip, billets, tubes and different metal profiles.
  • Vertical casting technology for: billets, slab.