Coreless Medium Frequency furnaces

Coreless Medium Frequency furnaces

GMS manufactures a wide range of coreless medium-frequency furnaces, for ferrous, non-ferrous alloy and precious metals. All our furnaces are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and best performance in accordance with your production and installation requirements, regardless of the size of your foundry.

GMS manufactures coreless MF furnaces with capacities ranging from 100 kg up to 35 tons and power feeding from 75kW to 15MW.

Our furnaces are equipped with all the control and management tools to guarantee the total control of the melting process, from the loading to the pouring phase.

All our plants can be equipped with a remote system for assistance and control, through which manage the system from a remote location, for system supervision, data storage or first technical assistance.

According to your production requirements, our melting plants can be supplied in single configuration (one furnace powered by a single power unit), or multiple configuration (up to three furnaces powered by a single power unit).

In single configuration, our MF furnaces can be powered with thyristors' converters or with the most modern IGBT converters, designed and built internally.

In the multiple configuration, our MF furnaces are powered by an IGBT converter that allows the percentual sharing of the maximum power between single furnaces.

All our power units are designed to guarantee maximum performance, high reliability and easy maintenance.