Induction Heaters for extrusion technology

Induction Heaters for extrusion technology

In the Aluminum or Copper alloys extrusion process of billets GMS induction heaters are one of the most advanced units in the world in this field.

Our systems are equipped with the modern IGBT technology, especially designed, with the purpose to create a real flexible and efficient instrument.

Appliance of IGBT converter gives also the capability to feed power to two separate heater bodies by the use of one single converter, with the relevant big improvement of the heating cycle and homogenizing time.

A very good result in terms of output at the same time of the high product quality are guaranteed too.

The use of the IGBT converter system allows a differential heating configuration, applying up to six fully independent zones along the billet axes, each of them fed with its own continuously variable power. This solution permits a real effective taper heating of the billet, with high precision of temperature either along the radius or the axes of the billet itself.

The entire structure of the induction body is manufactured with high standard of quality.

The inductor body is designed for easy maintenance and replacement in case of change of billet diameter. Fast connection of water cooling piping and power cable are foreseen as well as thermocouple set assembling can be fast removed when necessary.

All the inlet & outlet installation related to the equipment are electrically driven, in order to have quick and fast movements and avoiding oil piping around the working area.