METEF 2017

GMS presentation at METEF 2017 exhibition in Verona
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Tundish for molten metal transfer

Casting Carriage with NO-STOP Oscillating System

This is our casting carriage suitable for casting of special alloys in semi-continuous lines. The carriage includes our NO-STOP variable oscillating system trough wich is possible the changing of oscillation amplitude and frequency without casting stops.

PIT for casting of special alloys

Metal Level Control System

High Efficiency Heater

GMS has developed a new type of billet heater for aluminium extrusion billets working on the base of permanent magnetic principle called HEH ((High Efficiency Heater).
This type of heater is working on different heating zones able of independent heating control over the single zone with final taper heating, and control of the billet temperature on each of the single zone.
The application is suitable for both heating cycle: isothermal and taper.  The system is patented.

Video Company GMS.

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