Furnaces for Automatic Casting

GMS produces Induction Casting and/or Holding Furnaces for the Automatic Casting of Grey Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Copper and Copper Alloys in various formats.

The casting of the molten metal is carried out by pressure or gravity, according to different technologies.

Pressurized Furnaces designed by GMS are divided into Medium Frequency Coreless Furnaces (especially for Ductile Iron casting), also called “Coreless-type Autopour”, and Channel Furnaces (for Grey Cast Iron), also called “Channel-type Autopour“.

Non-pressurized Furnaces for Gravity Casting, also called “Pour Mate®”, are used above all for Copper and Copper Alloys, in combination with Semi-Continuous or Continuous Casting lines.

The “Auto-System” is provided as a complementary accessory which can be turned off in every moment, so that the Operator can get back the control of the casting.

For Automatic Casting of Ductile Iron and Steel on fast moving forming lines, GMS has developed a bottom-pouring Technology, completely automated, equipped with a dedicated mechanism and crucible-specific accessories complementary to GMS Casting Furnaces.

GMS plants are equipped with our “Auto-System” for the automatic full control of the pouring ensuring constancy of:

  • Metallostatic pressure.
  • Automatic opening / closing of the stopper.
  • Centering of the pouring cup of the mold / flask.
  • Pouring cup level control of the mold / flask.
  • Pouring temperature control.



GMS produces Pressurized Furnaces, Autopour, for the Automatic Casting of Grey and Ductile Iron for different automatic forming lines. They are equipped with the “Auto-System” for the automatic management of the casting process. Casting of the liquid metal is carried out by pressure or gravity or according to the technological requirements of the process. The Autopour Furnaces are provided either as Medium Frequency Coreless Furnaces or as Low Frequency (Mains Frequency) Channel Furnaces, both powered by IGBT Converters.

The Coreless Furnaces for Automatic Pressure Casting (Autopour) are particularly suitable for Ductile Iron, because it’s possible to switch on / off when necessary; they are equipped with a simple Temperature Control System; their design enables easy basin emptying by complete tilting to avoid clogging problems. Pressurized Channel-type Casting Furnaces are suitable when there is no need to change the Alloy, so that the Furnaces remain in continuous operation. Autopour Furnaces capacity ranges from 2 t to 12 t useful, and installed power ranges from 150 kW to 750 kW.

“Autopour” Pressure Furnace

“Autopour” Pressure Furnace



A new advanced Casting Furnace has been designed as a solution to a number of manufacturing challenges and, consequently, to mark a substantial turning point in this particular market.

Automatic Pouring Furnace “Pour Mate®”, 100 kg crucible capacity – 150 kW electrical power 

Automatic Pouring Furnace “Pour Mate®”

Automatic Pouring Furnace “Pour Mate®” – control chamber for molding lines filling

GMS Pour Mate® Furnace is an Induction Coreless-type Furnace positioned directly above the molding line, designed for the Automatic Casting of Cast Iron from the bottom through Stopper and Graphite Nozzle, electrically operated and equipped with automatic positioning in axis with the sprue cup and with an automatic system of molding lines filling control.

Electric Power and Control Panel is powered by an IGBT Converter, the Furnace connection cables are cooled. The Automatic Inoculation System in the pipeline casting flow passes through the Furnace structure. The supporting structure of the Furnace is to be considered adaptable both to vertical fast-moving forming lines (for example, “Disamatic®”) and to horizontal fast-moving forming lines with mold lines of various sizes.

The Pour Mate® Furnace is truly innovative, reliable and easy to maintain thanks to the features as rapid interchangeability of the crucible-inductor unit; its structure, dimensions and positioning of the Furnace on load cells; automatic compressed air cleaning system.

These most important peculiarities of Pour Mate® enable to cast without uncertainties or unexpected stops, with a substantial increase in industrial productivity and quality of the casting products.