Contracted Innovative Technological Solutions

February 2020

GMS / ENGITEC has signed a contract for the supply of a plant / technological package, called “Modernization to Safety“, for one of the largest Aluminum Wire Rod Mills (Al WRM) production plants in the Western Europe. The EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) based Contract, provides for the supply and commissioning of machinery, designed and prepared to avoid Operator’s manual intervention during notoriously dangerous production phases such as start-up and emergency bar cropping. The key equipment included in this package is the so-called AGA System (acronym for Aladdin Guiding Arms) which was conceived and designed by GMS / Engitec for pulling and guiding the Aluminum bar during the start-up transient. The success of this first GMS / ENGITEC project in the Al WRM industry has fully demonstrated the ability of GMS / ENGITEC to deal with the modernization of existing plants and, finally, that the appearance of a new supplier – experienced and solid – represents a great opportunity for the target market!