GMS, part of the ENGITEC Group, adopts the technological know-how of Calamari S.p.A. and was born from the merger of ATECO Impianti and PROMES. GLOBAL METALLURGICAL SOLUTIONS VIEW MORE The casting process transforms the liquid metal contained within a special oven into semi-finished products and / or remelting forms (ingots), after adequate cooling. CASTING PLANTS VIEW MORE GMS produces Induction Casting / Holding / Holding Furnaces for the automatic casting of Gray Iron, Spheroidal Cast Iron, Copper and Copper Alloys in various formats. FURNACES FOR AUTOMATIC CASTING VIEW MORE The new line of Wet & Dry ingot molds, designed by GMS, has been conceived to make a simple, robust and resistant machine available to ingot producers. INGOT MOLD
Melting and holding furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. INDUCTION FURNACES VIEW MORE The casting is the modern derivation of the ancient lost wax process. INDUCTION FURNACES FOR MICROFUSION VIEW MORE For aluminum, copper and copper alloys extrusion billets. INDUCTION HEATERS VIEW MORE (High EfficiencyHeater) for Aluminum billets. HEH PERMANENT MAGNET HEATERS VIEW MORE


GMS designs, manufactures in Italy and installs all over the world complete plants (on EPC basis) and equipment ancillaries for the foundry industry for both non-ferrous and ferrous metals and for the casting of semi-finished products of non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

GMS is very proud of its sales portfolio exceeding a large family of 600 Plants in full operation worldwide. The technological collaboration with the Customers is witnessed by several repetitions of purchase orders by top class international Customers. Our qualified staff involved in projects development has a long and proven track of experience in the metallurgical field.

Global Metallurgical Solutions

GMS Global Metallurgical Solutions, part of the ENGITEC Group, inherited its technologies package from Calamari S.p.A. - a historical manufacturer of foundry plants in Italy founded immediately after World War II - including design and construction of Induction Furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous metals melting and Continuous and Semi-Continuous Casting Plants for casting of Copper and Copper Alloys in forms of billets, pipes, strips and wires.


Safety First

Operator’s safety is our top priority.

Customer-oriented service

Attention and immediate assistance to each Customer.

Cutting-edge Solutions

We face utmost technical challenges and study the most appropriate high-quality Solutions.

Industry 4.0

We boost digitalization of existing Plants.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

We develop new products that optimize the Customer’s production process, the quality and repeatability of the final product to ensure the advantageous values of CapEx, OpEx and OEE.

Environmentally Friendly innovation approach

General consumption reduction and environmental impact reduction.

Our Mission

The needs of each individual Customer push us to grow and to innovate our Technology at a global level in the metallurgical sector. Our highly specialized Technicians are constantly trained to develop optimal customized Solutions of Italian Quality.